Clarendon Hill Housing Master Plan

Clarendon Hill Housing Master Plan

Clarendon Hill Housing Master Plan

Somerville, MA
The Clarendon Hill Housing development of the Somerville Housing Authority is located on a 5-1/2 acre sloping site and consists of nine multi-family buildings grouped into courtyard configurations. The design team was asked to improve the outdoor experience for the residents, to strengthen planning for the day to day logistics (trash collection, controlling vehicles, etc) and to update the drainage and irrigation systems.

In the design, large swaths of pavement are removed, creating green courtyards with seating for each building cluster while also clearly defining vehicular routes. As requested by residents (and with the added bonus of being earth-friendly), new drying racks are placed in sun pockets for each courtyard. Trash collection is concealed and concentrated along the vehicular spine between the buildings. Within a very tight budget, the outdoor environment has been transformed into a pleasant, green space that cuts impervious surfacing, reduces runoff and the heat-island effect and provides visual relief in a very urban setting.

Somerville Housing Authority

Project Landscape Architect at Johansson Design Collaborative

Courtyard Before:
Courtyard After:

Backyard Before:
Backyard After:

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